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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Profit With JAM?

Profit with JAM gives members a way to earn from multiple sites all at one time. For Those who have been on the net for any length of time, you are probably already familiar with many of the JAM Sites, such as Free Ad depot, Sokule, Profit From Free ads, Never Ending Traffic 4u and dozens and dozens more sites that JAM Marketing Inc has developed over the last 17 years. Once you join JAM and upgrade to Silver, Gold Or Platinum... One Link is All You Need to Make Unlimited Money Online

Do I have to join all JAM Programs to earn money?

NO! You can join as many or as few sites as you like. If you want to earn income from all sites then you would need to join all sites and add your affiliate ID's to the JAM ID's section. However if you are a free member of the site, you will not be able to add your affiliate ids. You must be an upgraded member of the site to change the affiliate ids. You can still earn money at the site by promoting your Profit With JAM affiliate link

Can I join Profit With JAM Free?

Yes you can join free and promote the site and earn 20% commission on the sale of memberships to the site. You can also purchase advertising tools in the members area of PWJ but you will not be able to change the affiliate ids of the programs in the back office and any sales that occur from the JAM Programs will get passed up to your paying sponsor above you.

What Membership Levels Can I Upgrade to at JAM?

We have 3 membership levels, Silver , Gold and Platinum. Earn membership level pays you a higher commissions and lets you change more and more programs ids to your own. The Platinum level is our founder level and lets you change all 41 programs that are currently in the members area plus any new ones that we add in the future. Please see the upgrade page in the members area or the bottom of the Profit With JAM page to see what comes with each of the membership levels http://profitwithjam.com

Who Own Profit With JAM

Jane Mark and Phil Basten own Profit with JAM . They have been providing advertising and marketing sites to online businesses for 17 years. You can read all about us here.http://profitwithjam.com/about_us.html

What Payments do you Accept at Profit With JAM

We accept all Major credits cards and Solid Trust Pay to pay for the upgrades and any advertising tools that you want to buy in the members area.

When I Make a Commission How Do I Get Paid

You can get paid with paypal, Solid Trust Pay or by check and you can put your information in the secure members area under your Profile.

How Much Commission Do I Make on Membership Sales

Free members make 20%. Silver Members Make 30%. Gold Members Make 35% and Platinum Members Make 40%

How Many Program ids can I Change?

Free members cannot change any program ids. Silver members can change the first 10 program ids listed. Gold Members can Change the First 20 programs ids. Platinum Members Can change All the program ids (currently 41) and all new programs that we add to the members area in the future.

How Much Money Can I Earn at Profit With JAM?

The answer is UNLIMITED. Not only do you earn from selling memberships to the site but you earn on from every program id that you have changed to your own id. When you downline upgrades, You Get Paid. There is no end to how many sales you can make at PWJ. Remember you are selling not only site memberships but upgrades for up to 41 programs depending on your membership level at PWJ. This gives you a huge ability to earn from multiple avenues and that is the best kind of income you can have online.

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